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Medical Card Braces Coverage in Chicago and Illinois

Medical Card Braces

We Accept Medical Card Illinois Coverage for Braces


If you’re a resident of Illinois, and your children are covered by Medical Card dental insurance, you might become frustrated looking for an orthodontist that accepts that form of insurance. That’s never a problem at the offices of Doctor Yaroslav Yarmolyuk and Dr. Arboleda-Lopez. If you visit any of the Orthodontic Experts affiliated offices in the Chicago area, or anywhere in the state of Illinois, you’ll find friendly, attentive staff that will help you use your Medical Card insurance to give your child the confidence and improved health that orthodontic procedures like braces and Invisalign treatment can provide.

Proper alignment of the teeth will make your child more self-assured and confident, but that’s just the beginning of the benefits of good orthodontic health. Good dental health is important for your overall health. If your child has crooked teeth or other dental malformations, it can affect more than just their smile. Properly aligned teeth can avoid many jaw problems in the future, and can also aid in properly chewing and digesting food. Dr. Yarmolyuk and Dr. Arboleda-Lopez think every child deserves to start out life with the healthiest teeth and the brightest smile possible. Schedule a free consultation at the Orthodontic Experts today to see how they can help you and your family.

Medicaid Coverage in Illinois Now Covers Orthodontic Work

Despite what you may have heard in the past, Illinois has recently changed its rules governing Medical Card coverage for orthodontic services for residents and their families. If your child is covered by Medicaid coverage in Illinois, or by any number of related public health insurance plans, he or she might be eligible to get braces at no cost to you.

If you’re going to take advantage of this important part of your Medicaid, AllKids,Targeta Medica, or Public Aid health insurance, you first need to find an orthodontic provider that is certified by the State of Illinois to provide an orthodontic appraisal. That’s where the Orthodontic Experts can really help. We can determine if your child is eligible to get braces using Medicaid coverage in Illinois. Unlike many other orthodontists in the state, we’re always willing and ready to serve patients who rely on Medicaid and related health insurance to pay for their orthodontic care. We’ll even help you with the paperwork. Orthodontic Experts can help you give your child that brightest smile possible!

Medical Card Illinois Coverage for Braces

Medicaid, AllKids,Targeta Medica, or Public Aid or Medical Card insurance doesn’t cover every orthodontic procedure. For instance, all forms of Medicaid insurance do not cover any kind of orthodontic work before your children have lost all their baby teeth. However, many children qualify for braces using Medicaid in Illinois, as long as they receive a thorough examination and you present an application to the State of Illinois. Let us help!

The Medical Card Braces Illinois Insurance Covers

In order to determine if your Medicaid coverage in Illinois will cover braces for your child, you’ll have to arrange to have a free consultation at one of the Orthodontic Experts offices. We’ll give your child a thorough examination, and if we believe he or she qualifies for braces under the rules of your Medicaid, Targeta Medica, AllKids, or other related health and dental insurance. The Orthodontic Experts are state-approved orthodontic providers, and we can prepare a report to submit to the State of Illinois to apply for braces for your child. In only 3-4 weeks, they administrators of Medicaid and related insurance programs like Public Aid, KidCare, and AllKids will determine if your child qualifies. It’s easy, and there’s no cost or obligation for your consultation at Orthodontic Experts.

How to Get Braces Using Medicaid Illinois Coverage

Many families in Illinois qualify for orthodontic medical coverage under the AllKids, Public Aid, Medical Card, or Medicaid state insurance plan. If your low-income family is eligible, you owe it to yourself and your children to see if they qualify for free braces for their misaligned teeth. Good oral health is an important part of good overall health, and the Orthodontic Experts and the public health agencies of Illinois are ready and willing to help.

To find out more about how to get Braces Using medicaid in Illinois please make an appointment request. Your complimentary orthodontic consultation will include a thorough review of your medical and dental history, an examination of the position, spacing, and function of your teeth, including their appearance and the health of the jaw and facial muscles. You’ll receive X-rays and other diagnostic procedures, and you can be informed of all the different treatments available, including braces, Invisalign, plus surgery for extreme cases.

This consultation is absolutely free and without obligation, and the results can be used to qualify for medical card braces. Illinois offers their residents many forms of dental health coverage, and the assessment provided by Orthodontic Experts could be all you need to get braces for your child using your Medicaid, AllKids, Medical Card, or other form of Medicaid insurance.

What to Do If Medicaid in Illinois Won’t Pay for Braces

Medicaid in Illinois doesn’t cover all forms of orthodontic procedures. Because there are many different types of medical card Illinois coverage plans available, you might not be eligible for any form of orthodontic work, or the types of procedures eligible for coverage might be severely limited. Braces fall under the classification of comprehensive orthodontic treatment, and they’re one of the easiest types of orthodontic treatments to qualify for. Our friendly staff can assess your child’s suitability during a free, informative initial consultation. You have nothing to lose, and you just might be able to give your child the smile they’ve always wanted.

If your Medicaid coverage in Illinois, Targeta Medica, Public Aid, or AllKids policy won’t pay for your child’s orthodontic work, we can still help. We understand how hard it is to take care of your children’s dental bills when you’re working with a limited income, and we will work out a payment plan that suits your budget.

Medical Card Managed Care Plans

We accept the following Illinois managed care plans.

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