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No orthodontist can put a smile on a child’s face like our doctors. If you’re receiving Public Aid (Medicaid) help with your child’s health care, we want you to know that you and your children are more than welcome in our orthodontic offices. Everyone receives the same high-quality care and attentive service no matter how you pay for your orthodontic care.

Our orthodontists are graduates of the prestigious fully accredited dental schools and have all completed 2-3 year specialty training in orthodontics. These courses of study are highly regarded of their intense education in both theoretical concepts and clinical training. . That’s why our orthodontists can offer your and your child not only the best and the latest techniques in orthodontics, but also the finest hands-on experience you’ll find anywhere.
All of the orthodontic treatment is performed by orthodontic specialists only. All of our doctors are well trained and prepared to take on the most difficult and challenging orthodontic problems.

Our orthodontists continue to be a leader in the orthodontic community, and are committed to continually educating themselves in the latest techniques in the industry. Whether you and your children require simple braces or more dramatic orthodontic procedures, you can trust our orthodontists to give you the finest care available in the industry. And he’s always glad to accept Medicaid (Public Aid) insurance payments, so our practices are open to all patients.

How Can Orthodontics Help You?

Orthodontics is a specialized form of dentistry. Orthodontic professionals have dedicated their lives to diagnosing and treating any kind of irregularity in your teeth and jaw. Orthodontists receive special training to correct problems with the misalignment of teeth.
Crooked teeth are not just a cosmetic problem. If your teeth aren’t straight, the improper bite that results can adversely affect your speech patterns, your ability to chew your food properly, and the symmetry of your face. Very poorly aligned teeth can also lead to problems with severe dental decay, diseases of the gums, and digestive problems. Good teeth are the beginning of good overall health, and our orthodontists can start your child’s life off with healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.

Remember, Medicaid (Public Aid, Medical Card, State Insurance) in many states covers Orthodontic Care

If you receive your dental coverage through Medicaid, you may not be aware that many orthodontic procedures for your child are covered. Our orthodontists and staff are certified and credentialed in many states to make assessments that can be used to apply for orthodontic procedures like braces. And the best part is that a thorough initial consultation is always free. If you have All Kid Insurance, Medicaid, Public Aid, Medical Card, or Targeta Medica, our orthodontists are ready and willing to accept it for orthodontic care at any of his offices.

Here are just a few conditions that orthodontic treatment can correct:

  • Overcrowded Teeth – If there isn’t enough space along the jawline for all the adult teeth to fit, the teeth can be pushed aside, rotated in place, or become completely misaligned
  • Underbite – If your lower jaw, called the mandible, sticks out further than the upper row of teeth, that’s called an underbite. This condition can make proper chewing nearly impossible, and can give the jaw an overly prominent appearance.
  • Overbite – If your upper jaw protrudes over the lower jaw, your chin will look like it’s receding into your neck. Chewing properly can be difficult, and many people who suffer from sleep disorders report that they have an overbite

How Orthodontic Treatment Can Fix Your Teeth

The most common procedures for a skilled orthodontist are braces. Fixed dental braces are capable of straightening even the most severe alignment problems when applied by expert orthodontists. If you’re on Public Aid, you’ll be glad to learn that our orthodontists can also bring years of experience and expertise to your children’s dental problems using All Kids, Targeta Medica, Medical Card, and other Medicaid related insurance policies. Our orthodontist believes every child deserves a bright smile, and he always does whatever it takes to do the most for every patient.

Our orthodontists can also offer patients the latest in teeth-straightening technology. In addition to traditional braces and retainers, they offer Invisalign braces, which are almost invisible when worn and work faster than regular braces. If you or your children have an orthodontic problem, and you’re on Public Aid insurance, you owe it to yourself to find out what our orthodontists can do to correct it.

Orthodontic Procedures Help in Many Ways

Having a beautiful smile can give your children increased self-confidence, but the benefits don’t stop there. Healthy teeth and gums are necessary for good overall health, and our orthodontists can prescribe the perfect orthodontic device for your children. With properly aligned teeth, they’ll have an easier time forming words and making themselves understood. They’ll be able to chew their food properly, which aids digestion and improves health. Our orthodontists are committed to giving each and every patient a great smile and great dental health.

You can see our orthodontists, at any of our Orthodontic Experts offices to get more information and to schedule an initial consultation. Remember, if you rely on Public Aid Illinois Medicaid coverage for your dental insurance,our orthodontists are state-certified to provide an assessment to the Medicaid offices to qualify for free braces for your child. The initial consultation is always free, and if you qualify, our orthodontists can provide your child with a smile that will last a lifetime.

Our orthodontists care about their community, and if you don’t qualify for coverage under Public Aid, he’ll work with you to find a payment plan that you can afford. There’s no reason to wait a minute longer. Schedule an appointment for a Free Consultation today, and you’ll be that much closer to a perfect smile!
   -Your Medicaid Orthodontists and team-

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