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You’ve Found Your Orthodontist That Accept Medicaid In Illinois

Finding an orthodontist that accepts  Medicaid in Illinois isn’t easy. Only about two percent of all the orthodontists in Illinois will accept Medicaid payments. That’s not the fault of the Medicaid program. It’s hard to find an orthodontist that takes medical card payments because the orthodontists set limits on the number of Medicaid patients they’ll see. Orthodontists can charge whatever they like for patients that are paying for their services out of pocket, but the Medicaid program sets the amount of money they’ll receive for Medicaid patients.
Dr. Yarmolyuk and Dr Arboleda-Lopez think that’s wrong. They gladly accept patients that pay using Medicaid. Dr. Yarmolyuk and Dr. Arboleda-Lopez and the whole staff at every Orthodontics Experts office are committed to offering the same high standards of orthodontic care to all their patients, regardless of the method of payment.

Dr. Yarmolyuk believes an orthodontist who accept Medicaid in Illinois shouldn’t restrict the types of care he offers over the method of payment. Not only is Dr. Yarmolyuk an orthodontist that takes medical card patients, he also offers many different kinds of orthodontic treatments to every patient. That includes traditional braces as well as the new Clear Aligners treatments.

Orthodontist That Take Medicaid in Illinois

There are several kinds of medical card that can be used to purchase orthodontic services from the Orthodontic Experts. You can use your Medicaid coverage to pay for your care. Medicaid is designed to help low-income families afford medical care, and that includes dental and orthodontic care. Medicaid is administered in several different formats depending on your family’s situation. You may qualify for care from an orthodontist who accepts Medicaid in Il. if you have any of the following cards:
•    Medicaid – Medicaid is the federal umbrella program that provides medical care for individuals and families that meet certain income guidelines. Medicaid coverage in Illinois can be administered under any number of programs depending on your age and other factors
•    Public Aid – In cities like Chicago, health insurance is administered thorough the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, which was once called the Department of Public Aid. If you have health and dental insurance through this agency, it can be used for necessary dental and orthodontic treatment under most circumstances

•    FamilyCare – FamilyCare is health insurance for Illinois parents who have one or more children 18 years old or younger living with them. This insurance includes coverage for many types of emergency and non-emergency care, and also includes regular dental care as well as orthodontic care in many cases

•    Targeta Medica – This insurance coverage is available to anyone that lives in Illinois, and includes resident foreigners in some cases. Coverage is very broad, and includes dental care, but only for adults. Children with parents or guardians that qualify for coverage under the program will be eligible for dental and orthodontic care under a AllKids or another Medicaid plan in Illinois

•    All Kids Insurance – AllKids is a complete health care insurance plan for children. It’s available for all Illinois children who are 18 or under and live with a family that meets the AllKids income limits. AllKids covers dental care, including both routine office visits as well as orthodontic procedures like braces

How Old Do You Have to Be to Qualify for Braces?

As soon as a child has a full set of permanent teeth, they’re eligible for orthodontic care under any of the public health insurance plans available in the state. To find out if you or a child qualifies for braces, schedule an appointment with one of our friendly, Medicaid-approved orthodontists for a consultation. You can submit the results of your consultation to the particular public health plan you have for an approval. Because good dental health is an important part of good overall health, it’s likely that you’ll be approved if your teeth require substantial orthodontic treatment like braces.

Are Braces the Only Treatment Available?

Braces are the most common orthodontic treatment we offer, and the most likely to qualify for coverage by Medicaid, All Kids, Public Aid and Targeta Medica. We can help you or your children if you have more serious orthodontic problems, but your Illinois Medical Cards might not cover these procedures. Contact one of our offices to talk to our friendly staff to find out more.

If Our Coverage for Braces Is Denied, What Can We Do?

If your Medicaid insurance coverage doesn’t approve your orthodontic treatment, they’ll supply you with a letter explaining why the treatment isn’t covered. Dr. Yarmolyuk and Dr Arboleda-Lopez and our staff are committed to helping every child get a beautiful smile, and will work with your family to come up with a plan to pay for expert orthodontic care that fits within your family’s budget. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about our many payment options!

Dr. Yarmolyuk and Dr Arboleda-Lopez are registered with the State of Illinois to perform orthodontic evaluations that can qualify your children for braces under many forms of Medicaid insurance. No matter where you live in the greater Chicago area, we can help you. We have multiple offices to make consultation, treatment, and follow-up care easy and convenient for you and your family. If you live right in Chicago, or anywhere in Cook County, DuPage County, McHenry County, Lake County, Boone County, Kane County, DeKalb County, Ogle County, Lee County, Winnebago County, Kendall County, LaSalle County, Whiteside County, or Grundy County, we want to be the orthodontists you rely on for your whole family.

The Friendly Orthodontist that Takes Medical Card Patients

We understand that it can be hard to find an orthodontist that takes medical card patients, but don’t worry about being turned away at an of our locations over your insurance plan or payment method. Our highly skilled staff is well versed in all the dental insurance programs available in the state, and we will gladly walk you through the process of getting your orthodontic care paid for by your policy, whatever it might be. If you don’t have dental insurance, or the procedures you need aren’t covered by your insurance plan, we’ll work with you to give you the dental care you need with a payment plan you can afford. Think of Dr. Yarmolyuk and Dr Arboleda-Lopez and their staff as your friends in the smile business!

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