Orthodontic Office Tour

DSC_4983Visit our Arlington Heights orthodontic office to get the beautiful smile that you deserve!Our office features latest technology, friendly staff and relaxing atmosphere Orthodontic Experts Waiting Room >


Waiting Room

While your loved one is getting orthodontic treatment, you can relax in our comfortable and spacious waiting room. Read a magazine, watch TV or enjoy or free WI-FI internet.


Kid’s Corner

If you have a younger child, you can bring them with you to our office and let them play in our kid’s corner.


Consultation room

When you come in for you complimentary orthodontic consultation, our orthodontist Dr. Yarmolyuk will go over different treatment options and alternatives. Our treatment coordinator will help you figure out insurance coverage and show you different payment options that will help make orthodontic treatment affordable to you and your family.


Imaging Room – Digital X-rays

At Orthodontic Experts of Arlington Heights we use digital X-ray system with greatly reduced radiation dose and instant images that let our orthodontist evaluate your problems on the spot.


Brushing Station

Forgot to brush befor your orthodontic appointment?

Not a problem!

Our office features modern and clean brushing station with complimentary toothbrushes and toothpaste


Orthodontic Treatment Bay

During your orthodontic treatment, sit back and relax in our modern and comfortable treatment chairs while enjoying light, relaxing music in the background.


Private treatment room

Want more privacy?

Just let us know and your treatment will be done in our private treatment room

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