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Can I Get Braces with Medicaid (Medical Card, Public Aid) in Indiana?

If you trying to find out if your child can get braces with Medicaid, you will first need to find an orthodontist that accepts Indiana medicaid and will see your child for a free consultation. At Orthodontic Experts, we will accept Indiana medicaid if the child is approved for braces under the program. At the initial consultation our orthodontist can tell you if your child’s situation is considered “medically necessary” for Medicaid coverage and will help you get approved by the state insurance.
In the state of Indiana Medicaid must provide orthodontic services to children if they have severe orthodontic problems and braces are considered “medically necessary.” Indiana Medicaid covers “medically necessary” orthodontic treatment (braces) for children 21 and under.

Is there a charge for orthodontic consultation?

Orthodontic Experts offers complimentary orthodontic consultations for children 21 and under. Our orthodontists and team members will check out your child’s teeth and determine if he/she will benefit from braces or other orthodontic treatment.
We will also help you determine if your child’s braces can be covered under Indiana Medicaid. If Medicaid will not pay for your child’s braces we offer very competitive pricing and multiple payment options that will fit your family’s budget.